About Us

We believe that we have a responsibility to the people we work with, the people we work for and the environment around us. We believe that the best customer to have is a satisfied customer, a customer that feels that they have been treated fairly and professionally.

In our opinion, the argument for ‘going green’ is simply unassailable – on the basis of cost alone. But we don’t think you should have to ‘take a risk’.

Most of our clients recover the cost of the product within the warranty period we offer – at today’s energy prices.

The demand for fuel is rising all over the world. UK oil and gas reserves are fast becoming depleted. A massive investment is required merely to replace our current ageing electricity generation capacity.

To make certain that the supply of electricity grows in line with the demand for it – and is produced in an environmentally responsible way – will require an even greater investment.

This will all have to be paid for – by all of us.

Many of our clients report their electricity price in the 7p to 9p per kWh range. Some pay as much as 16p per kWh.

In as little as five years time, we may regard 20p per kWh as a very good price.

What would the impact of that price level be on your business, simply to keep the lights on?

The need to reduce energy consumption is obvious. Converting to energy efficient lighting can be a ‘quick win’, with a very fast payback.

The lighting industry wants us to install nice new light fittings – throw out the old and replace them with brand new ‘energy efficient’ units. Sometimes that’s the only option. Often, it’s not.

The energy ‘saving’ from the new light fitting doesn’t take into account the energy used in the replacement process. In fact, when you consider the energy used to make the new product, the shipping and transportation costs, the installation process and then the disposal of the waste units, it’s arguable whether it saves any energy at all!