Our Cause

Every now and then an invention or an evolution of an invention comes along that will significantly impact and make adjustments to the globe. The most recent century has noticed a handful of such inventions including the likes of Velcro, mobile phones and the internet to name a few. America has recently announced that it will be making a firm stance on becoming a greener country as they have recently announced they will be allowing homes to freely have installed energy effective lightbulbs. For a country of the size of the United States, this tiny change to be made in homes will make a massive positive impact on the environment and energy consumption in the future. This is something we must do and we must spread the word. If every single property in Britain switched to energy saving lightbulbs we would make a huge impact on our own carbon emissions.

ME Homes & Lighting is enabling home owners to make the right decisions when it comes to making their homes more energy efficient. It doesn’t just have to be light bulbs; we provide consultancy advice, services and products to do with a whole range of household items such as door frames to stop drafts, triple glazed window systems and underfloor insulation to reduce the amount of heat escaping from the building.

That’s just a single property. Think about if your neighbours did it too, and your workplace – this tiny alter is some thing that has a enormous effect if we all do it. If you changed each and every light bulb in your residence to an energy efficient light bulb you would save hundreds of pounds a year on your electric bill. We want to act now and we need to have to inform our pals, our family members, our neighbours and our bosses. In these instances of austerity and the ‘C’ Word (Cuts), we have to attempt to make savings at each level, and power efficient lightbulbs is not a bad location to commence. Energy Saving Light bulbs. Have you guessed what I’m speaking about? What could possibly change the world with out changing something? Well it is, just not rapidly adequate.