A good installation starts with a good survey.

In our experience taking the time to install our products properly makes a big difference and pays dividends in the long term. We recommend that our products be installed by, or under the close supervision of a qualified electrician. When installing the ME-T5 adaptor, our installation teams check the light fitting and refurbish it were necessary. We will check the condition of the lamp holders, remove the power factor correction capacitor and renew and or secure the internal wiring as may be necessary.

And as part of the process the diffuser will be cleaned before it is re-installed. A light fitting is a fairly simple device – with few components. With an ME-T5 or an Induction lamp conversion – carried out properly, the life of the fitting is prolonged almost indefinitely.

We have a small in house team, backed by a network of trusted companies that we work with throughout the UK. We are happy to work with your own suppliers or installation team, if you would prefer.

All installation jobs that we undertake are project managed