Changing Family Habits For Utility Savings

We can’t all afford to go out and buy the latest solar panels or heat transfer systems to convert anything into domestic energy.  Some are out of the question on finance grounds primarily.  However there are things that can and should be done to cut our own domestic energy and utility use.  Families tend to use the dishwasher every day – that in itself would only be a problem if they don’t fill it completely and ensure even loading.  Then they need to use the correct detergent tabs, salt and rinse aid.   If they washed up manually, for a family this would use a huge amount of water every meal time, plus the mess left !  Washing machine use can be more streamlined too if children were encouraged to wear clothes more than once – rather than drop everything for mum to pick up and wash and hanging laundry outside or on clothes horse for free instead of tumble drying!