Cutting Carbon Footprint Is Long & Bewildering

When we consider how much it costs to run a famiy sized house these days, it’s not surprising that thought is now being given in earnest to running our homes more efficiently and economomically.   This will invariably involve the whole family taking a good long look at how they live and agreeing to make changes in just about every area.  For exmaple, we need to change habits with our use of utilities – better use of gas & lectricity will reduce our carbon footprint.   Turning down the thermostat on boith the hot water boiler and storage system and the central heating by just 2 degrees from say 20 to 18 deg C would help immensely.  If it’s a slightly chillier evening, then get a nice wooly jmper on;  wear thicker socks or tights;  wear comfortable house slippers instead of open or toe post sandals.   I wear a coloured scarf aroud my neck which feels really nice and comforting.  I also don’t run an electric blanket – for energy saving and also because it’s much cheaper to usse a kettle and fill hot water bottles.   So just a couple of very quick tips for starting energy efficiency in earnest.