New Style Lighting Raises The Bar For Garden Schemes

To transform a plain garden into a spectacular but sophisticated area that will extend the use of the garden space ovwer several more weeks, a fresh new approach to lighting can be installed.    Instead of summer coming to a fairly abrupt end at the start of October, it is now possible to illuminate the borders and lawn areas to really make an inviting show.  New style lighting systems are so versatile – variable hoods over the lights offer subtle lighting or by removing the hood, and pointing the lights upwards, a once forgotten but well established tree can really become a feature of the display.    When the seasons change, the flexibility and ease of movement of the lights will offer many exciting looks – perhaps the tree has an exciting bark during the  winter, this can be highlighted with a beam directed lower down.  In the early spring when evenings are still a little dark, the beam can be raised to highlight the taller branches.  The possibilities are endless.  However, as with evrything electrical, the cabling and sockets must be installed by a suitably qualified electrician.