Out With The Old – In With Massive Glass Wall

When anyone moves into the houses in my area, it seems that the first thing to be done is always rip out the existing kitchen and replace it within a  massiveextension, all shiny white mirror like tiles . . . .  then the finishing touch is a massive bi fold patio door arrangement across the width of the room.  Eveyrthing is so much easier to get hold of these days.   These bi fold triple glazed patio doors for example are so carefully measured and manufactured, there’s no likelihood of breaking building regs.  Whereas one house I tried buying years ago, the previous owner had taken out most of the back wall of the lounge and replaced it with a massive aluminium framed, single glazed sliding door – he’d done it himself and had not checked any of the safety aspects.  My mortgage was refused – the surveyor was so unimpressed with his work, he condemed the installation and reported the owner to the local council!