Power Concerns Need Urgent Changes To Lifestyles

Ah, the first signs that spring could well be on it’s delayed way have begun.  There is much bird activity outside – the various food containers I’ve been hanging out are being visited more frequently and at last it seems as though my efforts are paying off.  There is nothing quite as spirit enhancing than the sight of sunny gardens, birds whizzing about from tree to fence to tree again.  We have to be very careful these days about saving energy – gone is the free time we had of leaving doors open and not worrying a jot about who was picking up the heating bills.  It’s not just a question of finance – it is literally a question of ensuring we don’t waste even the tiniest bit of power into our homes, offices, public transport network etc.  We buy in much of our energy source and nowhere near enough comes from renewable sources. Efficiency at home is required!